Our Quarries

Quarrying stone products since 1979

Mone Bros have been quarrying and extracting natural stone from Blackhill Quarry, near Leeds for nearly 35 years. Over this time, natural stone has continued to prove popular with landscapers, builders, architects and construction companies due its decorative beauty, originality and functional qualities. Not only can natural stone be adapted to a diverse range of architectural applications, but its timeless character ensures it never loses its aesthetic appeal.

Workshop Facilities

Mone Bros have both excellent workshop facilities at Blackhill Quarry, and a highly skilled team of stone masons on site, who can cut and carve stone to your exacting requirements. Working with Bramley Fall Stone extracted from the Quarry, our masons are able to produce a wide range of stone products including Walling, Heads, Cills, Quoins, Fireplaces, Monumental Stone, Dimensional Stone & Ornaments. Whilst some of these are featured on this website, our masons can produce bespoke products to match your exact requirements. To discuss your needs further call Blackhill Quarry directly.


Whilst Bramley Fall Stone has become increasingly popular over the years, Mone Bros have also developed an enviable reputation for providing excellent service. This is perhaps best reflected in our growing number of clients which now includes Yorkshire Water, Leeds City Council, Balfour Beatty, Murphy, Carillion, May Gurney, Barratt Homes, Persimmon Homes, Hanson and Barhale. Equally, Mone Bros are more than happy to supply cut or carved stone for homeowners, local landscapers or DIY enthusiasts on a one-off basis.

Other products

In addition to stone, Mone Bros also supply a diverse range of other products, which are available to buy from all three Mone Bros branches: Blackhill Hill Quarry, Whitehall Road and Eggborough Quarry. These include:


Gravels | Concrete | Bricks | Sands | Top Soil | Paving Stone | Sleepers | Barrels | Cement | Tarmac | Crusher Run | Bulk Fill | Bricks | Blocks | Grit | Kerbs | Setts | Walling Stone | Block Paving


Despite acquiring the site almost 35 years ago, large reserves of high quality natural stone are still available from Blackhill Quarry. As a result, Mone Bros have recently been awarded planning permission by the council to continue extracting Bramley Fall Sandstone for many more years.

Eggborough Quarry

More recently, in 2012 Mone Bros acquired Eggborough Quarry, a 45 acre site in Hensall, near Selby. Located just off junction 34 of the M62, the site provides a diverse range of products and services to builders and construction companies in the West and East Yorkshire area. This includes:


- Supply of red sand

- Tipping Facilities (Capacity of 500,000m3 of landfill waste)

- Waste Recycling Services

- Supply of Recycled aggregates

- Supply of Recycled Type 1

- Top Soil Production


Whilst Eggborough does not currently display all the products featured on this website, all products listed can still be purchased directly from Eggborough Quarry.