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Considerations when buying garden paving

Considerations when buying garden paving
Posted By: Store admin Published: 02/07/2018 Times Read: 144 Comments: 0

Garden paving can have a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of outdoor spaces. From paths, to patio areas, different stones and designs can have different effects depending on how and where they are laid. If you are thinking about laying new garden paving, here are some things to consider:

1. Decide on an overall style you want to achieve

It’s important to have an overall vision when deciding what type of garden paving to lay. This will depend to some extent on the type of house you have and the existing features of the garden. Considering whether you would like a traditional or more modern look will allow you to decide on the most suitable materials and help you to enhance the look of the property.

2. Take inspiration from local landmarks or features

Garden decorations such as paving, or gravel features can be incredibly effective when they incorporate local elements. These could be in the form of local stone or timber, or in a style which is well suited to the type of building or garden you have.

3. Consider using recycled materials

Environmental considerations are high on the agenda of many buyers now. When it comes to garden paving sustainable options are available, with offcuts from other projects not only a cost-effective option, but also one that puts less pressure on natural resources. Aggregate such as gravel can also be used to great effect in gardens, for example on driveways, paths and in rockeries.

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