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How to lay paving slabs

How to lay paving slabs
Posted By: Store admin Published: 04/04/2018 Times Read: 289 Comments: 0

Spring is finally in the air and first signs of sunshine have arrived in Yorkshire, meaning that avid gardeners will be looking to get outside and prepare their gardens ready for the summer. This is the most popular time for homeowners to invest in new paving slabs for their exteriors- with Mone Bros DIY being the point of call for many in the Yorkshire region thanks to our vast range of paving slabs available.


If you’re a keen gardener and a bit of a DIY expert you’ll probably look to lay these paving slabs yourself- so here’s our paving slab tips to help you along the way:


1)    Prepare and plan: the key to any DIY project is a good plan. Make sure you clear away any grass or weeds and then flatten out the soil where the paving slabs will be going. Once done, mark the area out with pegs and string to make sure it’s clear and measure with a spirit level to make sure it’s all ok.

2)    Make sure you have all of your tools: you’ll need a lot of tools to lay the paving slabs including a brick trowel, pencil, spade, club hammer, spirit level, tape measure, gloves, mask and a watering can.

3)    Health and safety: if you need to cut your paving slabs with an angle grinder, make sure you take the appropriate measures when it comes to clothing- e.g. wear gloves, goggles, a mask and ear defenders. Alternatively, our expert team can cut these paving slabs for you.

4)    Aftercare: once you have followed all of the instructions on how to lay the paving slab, make sure you use a paver sealant to keep them in good condition.


At Mone Bros DIY, our range of paving slabs include:


-       Classic flagstone paving slabs

-       Premiastone flagstone paving slabs

-       Classicstone paving slabs

-       Cragstone paving slabs

-       Fossestone paving slabs


For more information on our paving slabs range, or any of our other landscaping products such as gravel and topsoil, please call our team on 0113 267 4386.


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