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The benefits of commercial landscaping

Posted By: Store admin Published: 05/03/2018 Times Read: 138 Comments: 0

Commercial landscaping is something that can help change the way in which people perceive your company. Although, people are bothered about how their companies operate and look on the inside, unfortunately it is true that people do judge books by their cover, however you can ensure that your ‘cover’ looks excellent by investing in commercial landscaping.

At Mone Bros DIY we have been providing commercial landscaping and other services for over 50 years, and in that time have amassed an enviable track record. If your business needs an external touch up, then we are sure that our services can meet your needs.


Your landscape is the first thing that a customer will see when approaching your building, and first impressions really count, so a tasteful, organised landscape with a good design can make all the difference. Presentation is key, so weeds in planters, rubbish caught in bushes and untrimmed lawns are all turn-offs for a prospective customer.


Investing in commercial landscaping will increase the value of your property, put simply, the more attractive your property, the more valuable it is. This also means that you open your doors potentially to more new customers. A warm tasteful landscape is much more enticing and likely to attract new customers than an overgrown out of style landscape. For new customers, particularly if you’re a store, ‘window shopping’ can easily turn into real shopping if people feel encouraged to go inside a shop.


Your landscape represents you and your company, so a tasteful tidy landscape shows the customer that you care about attention to detail and took the time to organise the outside of your building. It can also reflect your company or personality in its design, choose a contemporary rather than a more traditional landscape.

An attractive and tasteful landscape can only have positive repercussions, whereas a poor exterior landscape could potentially have quite negative repercussions.

Mone Bros DIY has been providing its leading commercial landscaping services to Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire for over 50 years. If you would like to find out more information about what it is we do and how we can help you, you can contact us on: 0113 267 4386.


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