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An easy guide to doing your own paving

An easy guide to doing your own paving
Posted By: Store admin Published: 06/02/2018 Times Read: 230 Comments: 0

At Mone Bros DIY, we provide quality paving stones to our Yorkshire customers and have been doing for over 45 years. Over the years our team have become experienced in paving stone, and have picked up a few helpful tips along the way to help homeowners understand how to lay their own paving stones.


Equipment you will need –


-          Spade

-          Rake

-          Spirit level

-          Rubber mallet

-          Wood stakes

-          Sweeping brush

-          Angle grinder

-          Pickaxe

-          Trowel

-          Straightedge


Materials you will need –


Paving stones - here at Mone Bros we have a wide selection of paving stones including granite, limestone and sandstone

-          River and fine sand

-          Cement


Step One- Measure the area and level the area to ensure that the paving stone lay flat and it doesnt cause any future problems


Step Two- Compact the soil down before you lay the sand down. When the soil is flat lay coarse sand over the area


Step Three- Start to lay the paving stone making sure that you leave a small gap at the edge, especially around the bricks up against the wall- you can fill larger gaps in with cut pavers or additional cement once finished. Gently tap each paving stone into the sand to ensure it is bedded in properly


Note- use the ankle grinder to cut the paving stone in straight lines to fit the patio area


Step Four- Use the cement to fill in the gaps and leave for a couple of hours to dry. Brush fine sand over the top of the bricks to get in any small gaps by sweeping over the paved surface


If you are a Yorkshire homeowner and you are looking for high quality paving stone, please contact the Mone Bros team on 0113 267 4386 for more information. 


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