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How to choose the right paving stones

How to choose the right paving stones
Posted By: Store admin Published: 30/11/2017 Times Read: 205 Comments: 0

Choosing the right paving stones for your Leeds property can be a daunting task – in fact it could be one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to building your garden. Thats because it is one of the most permanent structures within the exterior of your home – the one that everyone will see when they come to your Leeds property.

 To help Leeds-based homeowners pick the right paving stone for them, weve prepared this helpful guide to advise you along the way.


Pros: sandstone is widely available – with Mone Bros DIY stocking it in large quantities – its available in a wide range of colours and very easy to work with.
Cons: you can get a lot of variations of colour between each paving stone


Pros: gravel paving stones are inexpensive, easy to install and have a very attractive texture
Cons: can sometimes be unstable and weeds are prone to grow through


Pros: attractive and very easy to shape – which is a very good positive for paving stones
Cons: it can be susceptive to moisture damage


Pros: granite paving is extremely durable, huge colour range
Cons: it can be expensive and is known to be a bit difficult to work with

Mone Bros are an independent, family run business who are known within the region as one of the leading construction experts. Specialising in landscaping products, building materials and stone, we pride ourselves on our quality products.

Our paving stones are highly regarded by domestic homeowners and contractors within Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area, and include options such as sandstone, slate and granite. 

If you would like more information on any of our paving stone products please contact us on 0113 267 4386.


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