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Top tips for choosing the right paving

Top tips for choosing the right paving
Posted By: Store admin Published: 25/09/2017 Times Read: 208 Comments: 0

Mone Bros sources the very best quality paving stones for our customers in Yorkshire and beyond. The choice is vast and can be confusing, so here are some points to consider to make your selection easier:

Ask for samples of your favourite paving stones and take home a few different types and colours. Be sure to lay them down where they will be used to get the effect of what your new paving stones will look like next to other surfaces in the vicinity. Test them when they are wet, as colour is likely to be considerably different.

Include some smooth and some textured among your samples as the surface will alter the effect considerably. Riven or split stone will be cheaper than sawn stone, for example, and may have an attractive natural texture. If you choose smooth paving stones, make sure you find out if they must be sealed, as this will change the colour.

Carefully check that your choice of paving stones comes in the depth suitable for your purposes. 25mm is fine for footfall, but for vehicular use, you will need 40mm.

Compare the benefits of natural stone with concrete paving stones. Natural stone will look good, but concrete may be cheaper. If you choose concrete, you may need to ensure the edges of the paving stones are not visible, as these will have a concrete appearance.

If you are paving a large area, consider using a coordinating shade or texture to make a focal point, such as an area for patio chairs or a designated pathway.

Whatever your requirements in paving stones, Mone Bros has the expertise to advise. We are your leading Yorkshire paving stones stockist and offer superb rates on a wide range of paving stones. Call 0113 2674386 for more info.


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