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More garden trends for 2017

More garden trends for 2017
Posted By: Store admin Published: 23/08/2017 Times Read: 232 Comments: 0

With only a few weeks of the summer left, you might be planning to use the bank holiday weekend to make improvements in your garden.

Traditionally, Gardens have been sued as a place for either people to grow flowers and crops, or for families to let their children play. At Mone Bros, we understand this and that is why we can help you buy the materials you need to make your garden whatever you want it to be. Below, we have listed some of the top trends for this summer, which might give you a bit of inspiration should you be making changes to your garden over the coming weeks.

Vertical Planting

A ‘buzz-word’ this year, vertical planting or a green wall is becoming an ever-popular garden accessory. It is perfect for small spaces, or areas where you want a lot of color without the need to do lots of planting works. As long as there is adequate irrigation in place, or it is watered enough, a vertical wall can look superb.

Moving in and out

Taking the inside outside is also a big feature recently, with more people buying sofas and gazebos to give them an ‘outdoor living room’. Depending on your situation, this could be done on a nice paving stone patio, or just nestled on the grass outside.

Health gardening

Health gardening is also big in fashion at the moment with more and more people wanting to grow their own crops and have a healthier lifestyle. You can make yourself a crop garden within your garden and grow an array of different vegetables. Not only is this great for your health, it also makes you feel good and have a sense of achievement.

At Mone Bros DIY, we can help you source the materials to make your garden what you want. From sands, paving stones, aggregates and more, we offer a range of different products. We also offer delivery nationwide so can provide for you.


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