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Caring for your garden in August

Caring for your garden in August
Posted By: Store admin Published: 07/08/2017 Times Read: 135 Comments: 0

August is often the hottest month in the year, providing plenty of opportunity to spend time in the garden. Ensuring a garden is thriving and healthy in the heat can bring along challenges as well as  ensuring it is prepared for the onset of Autumn. Here we outline a few ways you can care for your garden this month:


Although the Great British weather can be unpredictable, it is often very humid and warm in August. This can cause plants, flowers and lawns to dry out, and become discoloured. The rainy autumn season can often help with this, but in the meantime regular and thorough watering is essential. It is also important to ensure water is taken up through the roots in order for it to be effective. However, there is no set rule when it comes to watering, as how frequently it’s required will depend on the specific plant.

As well as watering plants, the heat can cause unwanted algae to grow in bird baths, or any water features the garden may have. Therefore it is also important to regularly clean and refill these.


During the late summer, plant growth often slows down. August is therefore a good time to trim hedges and the lawn for one last time before growth is stilted.

If you are wanting to create a neater looking lawn, lawn edging is an ideal option. Lawn edging is available in a range of styles and materials including, stone, fencing and brick, and creates a clean looking barrier between the lawn and any flower beds or garden surrounding the lawn. This makes maintenance easier and improves the appearance.

Autumn Preparation

Many people believe that once summer comes to an end, there is no hope for plant growth or flowering. However, there are many types of plants and fruits that thrive in the autumn. Autumn can provide the ideal soil conditions for healthy roots to grow so that autumn flowering bulbs such as Crocus, Nerine, Dahlia and Cyclamen create beautiful flowers to carry you through the Autumn season.

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