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Dressing your lawn with topsoil

Dressing your lawn with topsoil
Posted By: Store admin Published: 29/05/2018 Times Read: 310 Comments: 0

Many lawns will become patchy and uneven over the winter months, but for a really smart, luxuriant lawn to enjoy throughout the summer, consider improving the quality by top dressing.  Top dressing is the process of treating your lawn with a covering of a mix of materials to promote growth and rejuvenate the soil. You should top dress your lawn with a mix of substances to replicate the composition of the existing soil, and this will generally be a mix of sand, soil, peat and loam, but for a simple solution where poor soil is causing problems, top dress your lawn with good quality topsoil.

Two grades of topsoil are available from Mone Bros DIY. Our screened topsoil is a good high-quality landscaping product, excellent for bedding in new grass, helping increase plant growth, and other garden applications. For a better quality, fine grade topsoil, choose our double screened topsoil.

Before top dressing your lawn,

1.    Rake the area, to clear away any dead leaves, moss, loose vegetation, or stones.

2.    Aerate, using an aerator, or manually by prodding holes over the entire area to allow gasses to escape from the soil, and oxygen to enter. This process should stimulate and encourage root growth, and ideally should be performed annually.

3.    Mow the lawn, removing grass cuttings

4.    Spread your topsoil from Mone Bros DIY over the lawn in a thin layer, raking it out to make an even surface. The topsoil should be approximately two centimetres deep, allowing the tips of grass to protrude. Use this opportunity to level off any pre-existing hollows or holes, and push the topsoil into the aerated holes with the rake.

5.    Water the lawn and give it a final rake to leave a smooth surface.

6.    If you have bare patches, sow grass seed onto your topsoil, carefully preserving the smooth finish of the top dressing.

For all your topsoil needs, check the competitive pricing and convenient delivery available from Mone Bros DIY.


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